Made for Weekly Game Jam 164. 

Left click to throw axes.

Try to hit the Dragons carrying treasure chests for Power-Ups!  There are three different treasure chests that do the following:

Yellow Chest - Quick Axes. Click as fast as you can to toss a ton of axes!

Red Chest - Bomb Axes. Toss  a bomb axe and watch the Orcs fly!

Green Chest - Quick Bomb Axes. Exactly what it sounds like.

Try to survive as long as possible! :)

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AuthorNick Pettigrew
Made withUnity
TagsCasual, hurl, weekly-game-jam


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no worries Nick!

thanks for getting back so quick.

here's some other random advice I would give. the difficulty seems impossible past the 6th wave or so, so i would add some features that would fix this.

A idea I had was power-ups that flew across the sky and you had to hit with your axe. they give you abilities, such as instant recharge, axes that go through enemies, or multiple axes at a time.

any other way of making the games last longer for a skilled player would be cool though.

overall, I think the art and sound are great in this game, and the mechanics are simple but difficult. don't take that away

hope that's helpful

Very satisfying game to play! Hitting those orcs felt great!

It had a very good difficulty level. There was good rising tension towards the end of each wave as the orcs grew nearer, but it was balanced out by having a lower amount of time needed to throw an axe. It felt like the progression was perfect, and I was hooked. 

Great game! And great title too, by the way,

this game was epic.

very funny, though the delay on the axe recharge bar was annoying, because it kept charging up while you couldn't throw and when you could it reset to 0

Thank you for playing! 

You're right about the axe recharge bar. I'll tweak it when I have a chance so it isn't so annoying.  I really appreciate the feedback! :)